Cherry Almond Cone Cakes {RECIPE}

Cherry Almond Cone Cakes {RECIPE}

Leilani Lowry

I can't believe June is almost over!  We are in full summer mode in our house. So far we've done summer camp, 2 weekend getaways, many sleepovers, been to the movies, tons of pool time, etc.... But I must admit, I've simply enjoyed the lazier mornings - not rushing around to get them up, feed them breakfast, pack lunches, etc.  That's gotta be the absolute best part of summer for me.

As we've been keeping ourselves busy with all things summer, I've been wanting to whip up some light, fruity cone cakes to try.  I found this Cherry Almond Poke Cake recipe on The Country Cooks website and adapted it for cone cakes.  What makes is so yummy is the layers: it's a poke cake so there's cake infused with cherry juice, topped with an almondy cream cheese spread, and finished with cherry & almond cool whip. 

I brought them to a friend's house for dinner last night and several adults tried them.  The overwhelming response: they're delicious!  Most of them had never had a cone cake before, which is always so fun for me to see their reactions.  My girlfriend Liz told me before she tried it, "I'm really full and won't eat it all." She quickly followed up that it was amazing, and enjoyed every last bite :)

But full disclosure. The kids didn't like them and they told us why.  As with most kids, they don't like "chunks" -  in anything - and there are chunks in the cool whip.  Also, Ella commented that she didn't really like the cream cheese layer, but actually it's not very sweet, it's tangy.  So in the recipe below I included instructions on how to make this recipe more kid friendly.  Or you can just keep this as an adult dessert!

Let me know what you think!

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Step by step instructions:

1.  Bake cone cakes using white cake mix, being sure to add 1/2 tsp. of almond extract to the ingredients.  Cool on cooling rack to allow heat to escape from underneath the bases.



2. Set aside about 6 cherries to adorn the cone cakes later.  Finely chop the remaining cherries and pour the juice into a bowl for easier access.


3.  Once cone cakes are cool, poke holes into them using a skewer.  


4.  Pour cherry juice into the holes.


5. Mix together cream cheese and sugar, almond extract and milk with a mixer.  Spread onto cone cakes.


6.  Combine cool whip, chopped cherries and almonds and spread on top of cream cheese mixture.

7.  Top with almonds and remaining cherries.  


To make more kid friendly:  Puree cherries instead of chopping; add 1/2 cup sugar to the cream cheese mixture; omit slivered almonds altogether (there's plenty of almond flavor without them).

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