Dumbo Movie Cone Cakes

Dumbo Movie Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

Hi! Who's going to see Dumbo this weekend? It kind of snuck up on us and we've got other plans, so we won't be going to the movie theater. I'm curious if my kids will even want to see it anyway. My teens are a bit over the whole Disney movie thing. I, on the other hand, do plan to watch it when it comes out on Netflix. I'm a big fan of all things Disney and have fond memories of this movie, even though I remember feeling sad for Dumbo when he becomes separated from his mom.

Although it's been decades since I last saw Dumbo, I do recall a few scenes well: the storks in the beginning, Dumbo and Timothy the Mouse getting drunk and seeing pink elephants, and the most memorable scene is when Dumbo sucks up a bunch of peanuts and shoots them at the mean elephants! Ha!

So these cone cakes.... Do you remember eating the marshmallowy orange peanut-shaped, slightly banana flavored candies? I'm not sure where we ate them as kids (circus?) but the memory of them is buried deep in my brain from long ago. I ordered them online - do they even sell them at the grocery stores? 

The cone cakes are fun and easy to make. All you need to do is cut out the striped wrappers (HERE), tape them on (after baking, of course!), and add a peanut, real or candy, to the top of your frosted cone cakes. Doesn't get much easier than that! 

For directions on How To Make Cone Cakes, this blog post has all the details: HERE (and a video on baking cone cakes is below).

Go HERE to purchase our amazing cone cake holders.

You can get the striped wrappers HERE.