Easter Cone Cakes

Easter Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

I cannot tell you how many comments I've gotten at trade shows over the past year about this bunny! Even during Halloween and Christmas, I'd put one of these out as a display and it always got "Oh that BUNNY!" "It's so cute, how'd you do that?" I've promised lots of people that I'd put up a blog post on how easy he is to make!  

And even easier is the grass and eggs cone cake.  You'll need a grass piping tip for it, so if you have one - it's super simple!  (Order a grass tip on Amazon, HERE)

I made a video (below) for step by step instructions on making these cone cakes.  I'm also including a video on how I made the pink sugar.  All you need is regular sugar and food coloring gel.



Yippee Cone Cake Holders 
Cone Cakes already baked.  Video on how to make them and our recipe HERE.
Frosting - white for bunny, green tinted for grass
Marshmallows - regular size for ears, mini for tails on babies
Jelly Beans - whole for mama, cut in half for babies
Candy eggs
Sprinkles or M&Ms for eyes. For babies - I used regular "jimmies" 


1. While cone cakes are baking, tint half of your icing with green food coloring.  Put half in a piping bag with the grass tip.

2. Once cooled, frost half of your cone cakes with green frosting. Then pipe on grass:

3. Add candy eggs.  Done!

4. Frost other half of cone cakes with white frosting:

5. Dip cone cakes into bowl filled with white sprinkles:

6. Cut marshmallows in half diagonally then dip sticky portion into pink sugar.  *Note: video below on how to make your own pink sugar:

7. Add ears and nose to make face.  For eyes, lots of my sprinkle packs come with round sprinkles in them, so that's what I used.  You can also use Mini M&Ms:

8. For babies, I made mini cone cakes too - HERE's the blog post and video on making mini cone cakes. I added tails - just cut mini marshmallows in half and stick on! They may need a tiny bit of icing to say. Aren't they so cute!?

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