Easy Decorating Ideas, Part 1:  Snowman

Easy Decorating Ideas, Part 1: Snowman

Leilani Lowry

Over the holidays, keep the kids busy with baking projects that are super easy and fun.  In Part 1 of my three part blog series on Easy Holiday Decorating for Cone Cakes, gather ingredients to make these adorable snowman cone cakes.  

The video below shows the how-to.  


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Here is a list of ingredients you'll need to make these "frosty" treats!  All items can be found in the grocery store except our holders, which can be purchased here.


Cone Cake Holders
Cake mix or homemade recipe
White frosting
Ice cream cones
White Non-Pareils (optional)
Mini M&Ms
Gummy Lifesavers
Orange Starburst
Pull-apart Twizzlers



1. Make cone cakes using our holders.  Directions here.

2. Frost using a butter knife.

3. Dip frosted cone cakes into non-pareils, completely covering the frosting.

4. Add M&M eyes and Lifesaver earmuffs.

5. Pull apart and tear Twizzlers to the correct size for the earmuffs and the smile.  Press into frosting.

6. Starburst can be cut using scissors but it can be tough for little hands.  Grownups may need to help.  Cut diagonally once, then cut each piece in half for the nose.

Once assembled, they are ready to be eaten!  Enjoy!



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