Easy Decorating Ideas, Part 2: Reindeer

Easy Decorating Ideas, Part 2: Reindeer

Leilani Lowry

What a fun and super-easy decorating project.  Soooo kid friendly - they will need zero help from the grownups.  The animal cracker antlers are my favorite part and will probably be the kids' too. 

For the red nose, in the past I've used both mini M&Ms and regular size and I prefer the regular size. But I didn't have any on hand and the mini works great.  Below is the how-to video and written directions.  

I used all items from the grocery store (except our holders which you can get here.)  Here are the ingredients to make these adorable cone cakes:


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Cone Cake Holders
Cake mix or homemade recipe
Chocolate frosting
Ice cream cones
Animal crackers
Mini Nilla Wafers
Red M&Ms
Candy eyes


1. Make cone cakes using our holders.  Directions here.

2. Once cooled, frost with a butter knife or small spatula.  

3. Pick out animal crackers that you think will make great antlers and push into cone cake.

4. Add a mini Nilla Wafer.

5. Put a small dab of frosting on the back side of a red M&M and place on top of Nilla Wafer.

6. Add candy eyes.