Easy Decorating Ideas, Part 3: Ornaments

Easy Decorating Ideas, Part 3: Ornaments

Leilani Lowry

Ok, so I have a confession.  I did not tell my family what these cone cakes were supposed to be, instead I asked them "What do you think these are?" and NONE OF THEM knew.  BUT, once I told them "they're ornaments!" they all agreed that yes, they actually do look like ornaments.  Sooo, tell the kids they're making ornaments ahead of time.... ;)

These really are the easiest of the three "Easy Decorating Ideas" I've posted.  And there's less ingredients, so that's cool, right?  When I saw these on Pinterest (who here loves Pinterest too?) the rolos were unwrapped but I think they're so pretty wrapped in the gold foil!  

Below are the ingredients, directions and video.  


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Cone Cake Holders
Cake mix or homemade recipe
Ice cream cones
White frosting
Mini M&Ms


1. Make cone cakes using our holders.  Directions here.

2. Once cooled, frost being sure to leave the top smooth.  

3. Place a wrapped Rolo at the top of the cone cake.

4. Add M&Ms in rows or scattered, using a variety of colors