Elf on the Shelf Cone Cakes

Elf on the Shelf Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

My girls looooved their elves when they were younger (they are 13 and 15 now). They had a harder time learning he isn't real than learning about Santa!  My husband and I weren't parents that set up all sorts of funny, precarious, or crazy scenes for the Elf on the Shelf.  We simply moved it each night, if we remembered.  The most challenging part was making up a reason he didn't move..."I touched him while I was dusting!" (I barely dust) or "Daddy must've bumped into him on the way up the stairs," while it's 5 feet away.  They bought it every time.

We still get the Elves out on Thanksgiving weekend.  There's two: Jack and Cynthia.  Now my girls move them each day, taking turns and challenging each other to find the best hiding spot.  It's not as much fun as when they were little but they do enjoy their game.

There's a lot of Elf on the Shelf ideas out there, so try something new...make this "Elf on the Shelf Express Train" for your kids!  What a fun way to both make cone cakes and surprise the kids with a new Elf spot. If your kids have never eaten a cone cake before, how fun it'll be to tell them the Elf made cupcakes inside ice cream cones.  Magical!  

For this project, I purchased the cake mix, frosting and candy toppers at Target.  FYI, we didn't love the green frosting.  The color was fun (the reason I purchased it) but the flavor was not great.  I'd prefer to get a flavor we like and add food coloring.  Here is everything you'll need:

Cake Mix
Cone cake holders
Train riders.  Teddy Grahams would also work!
Glue dots or scotch tape

Bake cone cakes using instructions here.

Download the train printable, print on cardstock if possible, cut the pieces out and do minor assembly so they stand up.  The How-To video is below and on my YouTube Channel here.

Have fun and I'd love to hear about your kids' reactions!


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