Graduation Cap Cone Cakes

Graduation Cap Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

It's graduation season! Such a wonderful time of year. Who here remembers that feeling of FREEDOM!! on graduation day? Pure joy! And maybe a bit of sadness mixed in...especially in high school where friendships are everything to you. 

My high school graduation was sooooo long. There were 550 or so kids in my grade (a NY State public school) and my maiden name is Andrews. So I was one of the first to walk across the stage (yay!) but sat there for the next 2 hours while they called everyone else. I vividly recall hanging out with my friends many hugs and high fives. It was such a thrilling feeling to be going to college soon!

My college graduation...y'all it was May and it SNOWED! I was soooo over it - I couldn't wait to get out of NY. I have lots of memories from that day too - mostly shivering in the cold outside while we took photos - each of my roommates complaining about the snow! My boyfriend at the time had planned a trip to the Grand Canyon and we were leaving the next day. I couldn't wait! I was struggling with a bad wisdom tooth infection so they day of our departure I called my pediatrician (I didn't have a "grown up" doctor yet) and they called me in a prescription for Penicillin. I've taken it many times throughout my life as I was a frequent strep throat sufferer. About 15 minutes after taking it my face felt funny. Long story short I ended up being taken by ambulance to the ER with an allergic reaction. We barely made our flight!

But my favorite graduation memory is the one I didn't attend. I was 3 weeks away from giving birth to my oldest child when I graduated from my master's program. I was beyond proud of myself for attending grad school many years after undergrad (I was the oldest in my class!) and I really wanted to be there to receive my diploma. But I was pretty uncomfortable, so I passed. The sadness was greatly outweighed by the big life change in front of me!

Moving on to these cone cakes! My friend Beth who owns the company College First Aid Kit asked me to provide some cone cakes for her daughter's college graduation and this was what I made. I think they look super cute!

This is a very easy DIY project. In the video below I show you how to make the tassels, which is the most challenging part if you've never made them. But after making a dozen, I was a total pro. Each one got easier.

In the video I used two different color embroidery string (purchased at Michaels) to show you how to make them. Feel free to use one color for the grad caps like I did in the photo above. We live in Georgia so I made some UGA cone cakes for a recent vendor market. They look so great!

What you need to make these Graduation Cap Cone Cakes:

Ice cream cones
Cake batter
Grad cap cut outs (HERE)
Embroidery string in your school colors
Sprinkles, optional


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