Grinch Cone Cakes

Grinch Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

I was inspired to create Grinch Cone Cakes after a recent Facebook Giveaway.  I asked the participants "What's your favorite Christmas movie?" and the Grinch was one of the most popular responses.  For the record, my fave is A Christmas Story.  There were a small few who agreed.  It's okay, though.  I learned about several movies I hadn't ever heard of before and my family now has some screen time in the near future!

I originally started with just the Grinch.  I tried making his eyes using candy, but that was a complete FAIL!  So with the printable of the last couple of blog posts fresh on my mind, I figured what the heck, I'll make another one!  

Then I got thinking about the other colors of cones in the box - red and brown.  So I added Max the dog, complete with the antler on his head (pretzel), and I just so happened to have purchased ornament toppers from Target last week, so I used the red ornament for the red cone.  

Below are the ingredients along with the instructions, more photos, and a quick video.  

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Here are the ingredients: 

Cake Mix
Frosting, white and chocolate
Green food coloring
Sprinkles, optional
Cone cake holders
Piping bags or zip lock bags
Piping tips, star shape
Ornament cupcake toppers
Scotch tape
printable (click here)

Bake cone cakes using instructions here.

While baking, download and print the cone wrappers, and cut out.

Remove stems from strawberries.  Try not to break the skin, this will cause them to leak juice onto the cone cakes.  
Add green food coloring to a batch of white frosting.  
Place piping tips inside piping bags.  See in video here.
Put frosting into bags (three total).

Once cool, attach printable strips to each cone cake, using scotch tape.
*Be sure to remove the paper when eating!

Frost and assemble using video as a guide.  The video is below and on my YouTube Channel here.

I think these came out cute!  Would love to hear your comments!