Ice cream cup popcorn cups

Ice Cream Cone Popcorn Cups

Leilani Lowry
Speaking of popcorn, my family is at the movies as I write this post. I didn't join them today. I love going to the movies...but not to scary ones, unlike the hubby and kids (they're teenagers). I struggle with anxiety and find that there's no reason to freak myself out unnecessarily. My brain takes care of that all by itself, thank you very much. It's pretty good at it too. 
I often am startled awake at night by nightmares and then cannot fall back to sleep. Kinda sucks, actually. Last night, for instance, there was a large spider-wasp like bug chasing me. I kept screaming to my husband to kill it when it finally caught up to me. As soon as it landed on my leg I woke up with a start. That was 5:45am, on a Saturday. Bummer! Once I'm awake, that's it, I'm up. Happens often.
As soon as I got up I remembered that it's Popcorn Day! How fun! While I was grocery shopping the other day, I grabbed a container of dipping chocolate to try out. I've never used it before and was excited put it to the test . And yes, all this at 6am this morning!
Seriously - this is the easiest snack ever!
Simply follow the directions on the dipping chocolate (essentially microwave and stir), dip the cones in the melted chocolate, sprinkle with whatever sprinkles you have on hand. Add popcorn, drizzle with more chocolate and sprinkles and viola! We all gobbled them up after lunch and they were goooood.  The photos below are pretty self explanatory. This is a great project for kids too!  
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