Introducing Cone Cake Kits!

Introducing Cone Cake Kits!

Leilani Lowry

We are beyond excited to share our new cone cake kits!  What are cone cakes?  Cupcakes baked inside ice cream cones!

Summer is here and that means, of course, pool parties!!  These super fun kits include 24 bases in 5 colors (blue, green, red, pink & purple), 24 toppers, a recipe on how to make cone cakes, and delicious gluten-free gourmet sprinkles from the amazing Sweetapolita! 

A little background:  This is our first year in business and I decided before we launched the spend this year listening to our customers and gaining a better understanding of what they want from our products. I've done several trade shows/vendor markets and an overwhelming amount of customers, both in person and online, have unsolicitedly expressed interest in a kit.  

This first kit is a test run of sorts. They are being assembled by me - each and every one of them - so that I can make adjustments to the box, to the toppers, to where items are placed, etc. I'm having a blast working on them and think that you're going to love these kits!  

Also, be on the lookout for future kits.  I've got an adorable Halloween kit in the works right fun!

Get yours here!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for kits, please feel free to comment below.  I will respond quickly!

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