Leprechaun Cone Cakes

Leprechaun Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? There's a long history of Irish heritage in Savannah, so it's kind of a big deal here.  We have one of the largest parades in the country and hundreds of thousands of people line the streets to watch it. It's quite a scene. The marching bands are always amazing and oftentimes get people up and dancing. Servicemen from all over the country come to march in the parade and end up with their faces covered in giant, lipstick-laden kisses from parade watchers who run up to them (the city tried to cut down on this recently but noone paid any attention). We even get the Budweiser Clydesdale horses!  Pretty cool. With the exception of restaurants and bars, all downtown businesses and schools close for the day.

My husband has an office on the parade route and each year we host a party. We're lucky to have a prime spot to sit and watch the parade plus socialize, eat great food, and have private bathrooms. #spoiled.

Last year I made cone cakes for the party and as we were getting ready to head downtown, I pulled out my back while putting on my shoes. So much for luck of the Irish! I spent the day in bed and was sooo disappointed to be missing out on all the fun.

I'm determined to make this year extra special. So I created these Leprechauns.    

Oh my goodness guys. They came out so cute! I can't wait to share them with our guests. I tried several variations unsuccessfully and was close to scrapping the idea altogether when I decided to give him one more try, using orange piping for the beard. It's a little extra work (but completely manageable, IMO). Below are the details and a video on making them:


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Leprechaun Cone Cake Instructions


Cone cakes made with our green holders. (Recipe HERE)
White icing
Orange food coloring gel
Green Laffy Taffy
Candy eyes
Black gel icing
White jelly beans, halved
Belt wrappers, download (HERE)

Instructions with photos:

1. Bake and cool cone cakes on a cooling rack, to keep the humidity from building up under the cones.

2. Frost the cone cakes with white icing, leaving a smooth area for eyes, and creating a hill on the back half.  This is to keep the hat from bending backwards.

3. Tint frosting orange with food gel coloring and place in piping bag with Wilton tip #24 (or any small star tip).

4. Pipe on small flowers to create a beard and hair.  

5. Place the Laffy Taffy on wax paper on a cutting board, cover with more wax paper and roll out to flatten the candy.  

6. Using a sharp knife, cut out the top part of the hat. The shape is a slightly rounded rectangle. 

7. Next cut out the bottom of the hat. It's a long thin rectangle and I had to stretch the taffy a bit to get the correct size. Be gentle, but it's easy to work with.

8. Add a stripe of black gel along the seam of the hat pieces to join them.

9. Use a Cheerio for the belt buckle and remove from wax paper with a spatula, being careful not to separate the hat pieces.  

10. Place the hat on the cone cake. Because taffy if flexible, you will need to add some orange frosting behind the top to keep it from bending backwards.

11. Set your candy eyes and use a toothpick if necessary to position them.

12.  Using half of a white jelly bean, place the nose directly under the eyes.

13. Tape the belt at the back of the cone cake holder. It makes more sense to do this before frosting and assembling everything, but I'm always so excited to decorate the cone cake that I forget! 

Erin go bragh!