Love Bug Cone Cakes

Love Bug Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

I've mentioned in previous blog posts that my kids are now teenagers. While I love this stage of life - they're so much fun and the conversations are wild! - Valentine's Day has fallen off our list of days to celebrate together. They couldn’t care less! 

But I still love the holiday, especially for young kids. What an amazing way to encourage love and friendship!  

These cute love bugs are perfect for kids of all ages, especially younger kids. They can help bake and decorate them, and they'll absolutely love bringing them to school to share with their classmates!

Instructions are below and a short how-to video too. Enjoy!


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Cone cakes (get our holders HERE)
White frosting
Pink candy melts
Heart-shaped gummies
Candy eyes
Pull-apart Twizzlers
Black edible marker


Using our holders, bake cone cakes - instructions for baking HERE.

While they are baking and cooling on a cooling rack, begin working on the love bugs.  Using pink candy melts, cut the sides off with a sharp knife for the body (grown-ups only):


Using a toothpick, place a small dab of frosting on the backsides of the candy eyes, then position the eyes on the flat side of the pink candy melt:


Cut the Twizzlers into half inch chunks, then pull apart the pieces for antennas:


 Frost cone cakes then they are cool:


Assemble the love bugs. Begin with hearts, then add face, body and antennas:



With the edible marker, draw on a mouth: