Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cone Cakes

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

Up until last year my dad and stepmother lived in Orlando.  This meant frequent visits to see them and, of course, visits to Disney.  There was a time when my dad, seeking discounted tickets, got a part-time job driving the boat from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom.  I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of cool listening to him crack his typical dad jokes to total strangers - I probably laughed the loudest but everyone seemed to enjoy him and his humor.  My kids were way-impressed that Gpa (they call him Gpa, as in "jee-paw") was part of Disney!  

I love Disney.  Probably because we have many fond memories with our girls there, but also, I bought into all the hype.  The rides, shops, parades, characters, movies, tv shows, on and on and on.  While I never wore Disney clothing or bought kitchenware or the like, I just believe in the magic of the experience.  It's FUN.  I'll never forget my girls waiting patiently for almost 2 hours to see Tinkerbell, and how awe-struck they were when it was their turn.  They barely spoke to her, eyes big as saucers, smiles for days. 

So, I've been thinking about making a trip to Orlando this Fall and have been discussing all things Disney with my girls.  Which leads me to these adorable Mickey and Minnie cone cakes!

These are super simple. It's truly just icing, Oreo ears and a candy bow.  The bow took me a minute to decide how to make, so once it turned out to be easy, I thought I'd put together a video.  Tip: any flexible ribbon candy will work.  I used Airheads because I have it on hand.

I hope you enjoy watching and perhaps you'll be planning a Disney trip of your own soon.  Tinkerbell awaits.

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