Mudslide Cone Cakes {RECIPE}

Mudslide Cone Cakes {RECIPE}

Leilani Lowry

Most of my friends and family know that my all-time favorite drink is a Mudslide. If you've never had one, a mudslide tastes a lot like chocolate milk. The drink consists of Kahlua, Bailey's, Vodka and milk, served over ice. My first taste of one was in college, at a bar called the Dark Horse. I'd go there almost every weekend with friends and always ordered a few Mudslides. Yes, a few. I'll admit I enjoyed the bar scene a bit too much. I definitely would've been a better student if I wasn't at the Dark Horse so often!  Anyway, the bartenders made them with whole milk and I eventually talked them into using skim milk, to lighten up the drink (I was quickly putting on pounds! Ha!)

My college days are far behind me and I now drink Mudslides a few times a year, mostly when we're having friends over. I've mastered making a light version for those who don't want a lot of alcohol, and making them strong for those who do. One can definitely count on having a Mudslide at my house anytime, we keep the bar stocked with Kahlua, Bailey's and Kettle One vodka. And of course, skim milk!

So, my husband came home from work one day last week and said their office is having a holiday potluck. He remembered when I had shown him the cool shot tops I discovered, in which you can put a drink and stick them into a cone cake. He asked me to make something for the potluck, using the shot tops. The obvious choice was to make Mudslide cone cakes! 

It took some experimenting but I finally got it right. The cake part is made with Bailey's - I used a full cup of it and the flavor is rich and delicious. The frosting is made with 4 tablespoons of Kahlua. The combo of the Baileys cake and Kahlua frosting is AMAZING.  I'm quite proud of myself!!  

The best part of these cone cakes are the shots of Mudslide inserted into them!  These shot tops are brilliant, you simply squeeze out the air, insert into a drink and release...they will suction the drink inside. Place them into the cone cakes and your guests get a Mudslide shot AND a yummy cone cake! WIN!

The recipe is below along with a tip and more photos.  I hope you enjoy them!


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Batter Tip
You'll need to put more batter in than I usually suggest.  I measured out how much: Use a 1/4 cup but don't scrape the batter out of it.  In other words, let the batter pour out of the cup into the cone and whatever batter is left behind, leave in the cup.  If you scrape all of it out, there will be too much.  See photo:

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