My First Podcast Experience

My First Podcast Experience

Leilani Lowry

I'm a huge fan of podcasts, particularly business/entrepreneur or news podcasts.  I listen to them when I'm folding laundry, cleaning, driving, packaging my products, and sometimes just sitting and chilling (which, really, doesn't happen very often).

When listening to interviews, I'm always amazed at how smart and interesting people are.  They keep their cool, they're quick on their feet...I've honestly never heard a bad podcast.  So when I had an opportunity to be interviewed on the Savannah Business Showcase, a LIVE podcast about business and entrepreneurship, I jumped at the chance.  Then I got really stressed out.

One thing I know about myself is that I'm a good listener and I'm reflective.  Great qualities to have, I think!  But I'm being asked to talk, not listen.  To answer quickly, while live, and sound smart. Ack!

I did the podcast and I did my best. The host, Terrass, or "Razz", made me feel comfortable and while I took a little too long to answer some questions, and on the drive home I did the whole "I should've said this!" dance, I'm happy with the interview.  

If you're interested in diving into my past a bit, and have oh, 40-some minutes to spare, I hope you'll listen.  There's always laundry to fold.




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