Olympic Medal cone cakes

Olympic Medal cone cakes

Leilani Lowry

The Olympic opening ceremony is tonight and I plan to cuddle on the couch with my kids to watch it.  To get in the spirit, I made Olympic medal cone cakes and I want to share how you can make these too. 

My sister-in-law is a 5th grade teacher and she's making Olympic torch cone cakes for her class, using our red and blue bases, which inspired me to also bake cone cakes for the Olympics.  I saw gold medal cupcakes on Pinterest and just had to recreate them as cone cakes. They're so easy and I'm ALL about easy baking!  They came out so adorable!  Read below for details to make your own gold, silver and bronze medal cone cakes.  



Chocolate coins in gold, silver & bronze (orange)
Airheads ribbon candy (this and the coins found at Party City)
Cake mix
Ice cream cones
Red & blue cone cake bases

Bake cone cakes using our instructions on the package (or here)

Using kitchen shears, trim the ribbon candy down to 1-inch size pieces and adhere to the back of the chocolate coin using icing.  

Place the coin on the front side of the cone cake.  

That's it, super easy and oh-so-cute!  


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