Ooh-la-llama! Cone Cakes

Ooh-la-llama! Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone that llamas are super popular right now. They're everywhere! And no wonder, they're really cute. I have a private Pinterest board of baby animals that my girls and I love to look through. The baby llamas are one of my favorites!  

I love how these cone cakes turned out. I've had in mind for a few months that a pretzel rod may work to make a llama head, but hadn't tried it until last week. If you're a sweet-n-salty fan like me, then you'll totally dig this cone cake!

Now that I have some fondant and am a total pro (HA) I knew I could make a llama face pretty easily. Also, I had ordered some fondant tools including plungers (cookie cutters with a plunger on it, to push the fondant out) from Walmart (here) and the flowers were just the right size. So I gave it a go and I love them! 

For the cacti, I've seen a million videos on making them with frosting. My frosting skills are WAY below that level, so I thought I'd try candy chocolate:

I used cactus images by placing them under wax paper and tracing them with melted green candy. Worked great! To make sand, I sprinkled some finely crushed graham crackers on top of the frosted cone cake. Super cute :)

I was sure when I made the llamas to add legs and a tail with the frosting.  It's a subtle touch, see below. Also is a closeup of the cacti.

Be sure to order some cone cake holders HERE and you can get the digital downloads for the llama wrappers and cacti images HERE.

Below is a video of how I made them, start to finish.

I'll also attach my "How to make cone cakes" video here too!