Penguin Cone Cakes

Penguin Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry
Penguins have been my younger daughter's favorite animal since she was a toddler.  Her entire room is decorated in a penguin theme.  Although she recently asked for a "teen" room, meaning no more penguins, she plans to keep most of her penguin stuffed animals, saying "I'll show my kids one day." Aw.
I made penguin cone cakes for her birthday party a few years back using Oreos and Starburst. They were easy and so so so cute, I decided to share them with  you. I realize now that this was probably the last penguin-anything I'll make for a long time, until the above mentioned grandkids come along. ;)


Below are step-by-step instructions with photos, in case your little penguin lover asks for penguin cupcakes at their next party.


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Begin with white frosted cone cake in blue holders.  Assemble Oreo cookies, orange Starburst, candy eyes and a small amount of frosting to adhere the pieces together.


Cut a Starburst into quarters, not cutting diagonal but in a "plus" or "cross" design.




Using the photo as a guide, cut small slices using scissors.  The top corner needs to stay intact.




Use your fingers to shape the cut piece into feet.





Take another Starburst and turn diagonally.  Cut in quarters. These are the pieces for the beaks.




Separate the Oreos into individual pieces.  Carefully cut a piece in half.



Use the photos as a guide for assembly.  Use a small amount of frosting to adhere the beak and eyes.