Princess Cone Cakes

Princess Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

If you have a little girl, I bet she'll wish to be a princess at some point in her childhood.  It was princess-everything for about 2 years when my girls were young.  That was before Frozen.

My girls loooooved Tangled.  Oh, that movie!  So stinkin' cute!  We watched it over and over and over. Amazingly, it never got on my nerves.  The funny parts stayed funny, even after seeing them 100 times.  

They grew out of princesses fairly quickly.  Then Frozen came along and I was SO grateful they were no longer into them.  I do think it was a great movie, but if I had to listen to "Let it Go" every day, I think I'd be a very moody mom!  Can anyone vouch for this?

Recently I was motivated to create a princess themed cone cake design for a farmer's market I was attending as a vendor.  The Disney Princesses were going to make their appearance at the market and I just had to have some princess cone cakes to share!

To make them, I made vanilla cone cakes, frosted them in white (see video, below) and added pearls. Topping them with a crown toothpick topper made it almost perfect.  Hidden in a stash of ribbon I found this pink ruffled ribbon which perfectly matched my pink bases.  Lace worked too!  

And if you are listening to "Let it Go" on repeat, tell your little princess it's time to turn it off and bake some cone cakes!


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