Pumpkin & Ghost Cone Cakes

Pumpkin & Ghost Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

My husband took charge of decorating our yard for Halloween a few years ago and um, let's just say his taste in decor and mine differ a lot. We've got a graveyard by the front entrance that is pretty spooky. That's not too bad. Then last year he installed a zombie right next to our front door that has sensor to scream and shake when someone approaches. I made him turn it off.  But this year, he added a baby.  It's a human baby and would be super cute except it's got spiders crawling all over it, including a few crawling out of it's mouth.  And for added shivers, he bought a bag of spiders to scatter around the baby.

We've gotten some comments, and they're not of the "I love your yard" sort. 

See, I much prefer the cutesy side of Halloween. When I was decorating the yard we had adorable pumpkins, a colorful witch (so not scary) and some silly skeletons. But, y'all, I just don't have it in me anymore to decorate for both Halloween and Christmas. So I stopped putting Halloween things out.  My family freaked and now my husband does it.  

These cone cakes are very much in line with my style of Halloween decorating. I mean, come on, aren't they just darling? I loooove them. So cute!!

Below is a short video on how easy they are to make without needing any special tools. It would've been quicker with cookie cutters but I didn't have any that were small enough to top cone cakes.  Plan to spend a couple of hours working on the toppers, depending on how many you're making.  I use Fondarific Fondant brand, but any will work.  

Happy Halloween!!


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Halloween Cone Cakes