Referee Cone Cakes

Referee Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

The Super Bowl is a few days away and I'm getting ready for our annual party. For the last 6 years, we've had a Souper Bowl party. That's not a typo.  It's a soup party. Let me explain.

My husband and I met at a Super Bowl party in 1997. For several years afterwards we reminisced about that day always saying "we should have a Super Bowl party since it's such a significant day for us"...but we never did.  Then we bought our current house 7 years ago and it has a great layout for entertaining. We were brainstorming one morning and came up with the idea of having a soup contest on Super Bowl Sunday, and we'd call it a Souper Bowl party.  Brilliant!  (It turns out other people have been doing this for years but whatever, it felt brilliant at the time.)

We invited a small group of friends over and everyone brought a homemade soup. I made voting cards and people would sample and then rate the soups on a scale of 1-10 (see below). The first year was so much fun, we decided to make it an annual event.

The party has grown and we usually expect about 20 soups in the contest. We eventually moved to online voting - on your phone - and created some new rules. Everyone arrives hungry and some wear stretchy pants. 😉 In years past we’ve given prizes for the best soups, this year we are giving awards. But mostly it’s a fun party, one that everyone looks forward to each January.   

If you'd like more details on our rules, send me an email or comment below, I'd be happy to share! Here's a few photos to enjoy from Souper Bowls of the past:

My husband Steve always makes our soup.


Steve and I announcing winners in 2015.

Kids play outside, unless they are participating in soup contest

Souper Bowl in action

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Now, without further ado, it's time to talk about my cone cake idea for this year's Souper Bowl Party!

Anyone who watches football is aware of the failure of the refs to call pass interference during the recent Rams vs Saints game. People went nuts! Saints fans felt robbed. I even heard a story of someone running over a referee shirt with his car in protest of the bad

So I thought it’d be fun to give everyone a chance to ref the game themselves with Referee Cone Cakes! With a whistle in hand, your guests can become arm chair referees during the game. Keep a stack of yellow napkins nearby to serve double duty as penalty flags. So fun!


If you don't already have some, buy our green cone cake holders HERE.

Bake cone cakes.  Instructions HERE.

While baking, print and cut out striped referee wraps to place over the cone cake holders.  Download HERE.

Cool and frost - any color of your choosing, I went with white.

I purchased whistles and yellow napkins at Party City. HERE and HERE.

I removed the chains from the whistles (twist and they pop off) because I was worried about them getting covered in frosting. Feel free to leave them on if you think your guests will want to wear them around their necks. Be prepared to wipe them off. Maybe even put out some Wet Wipes for this purpose.


Wash the whistles and let dry thoroughly.  Shaking the water out is a must. Once dry, add a whistle to the top of each cone cake.

Place the referee wrappers around the holders and tape:

 Put out some yellow napkins with a "Penalty Flag" sign. 

Enjoy the game! 

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