"Sorting Hat" Cone Cakes

"Sorting Hat" Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

Calling all Harry Potter fans!! This is such a cute cone cake idea for muggles and wizards!  Having a Harry Potter party?  Or are you visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando and want a fun way to surprise the kids?  I've got you covered!

My kids have been L-U-C-K-Y that their grandparents lived in Orlando until about 2 years ago.  We live in Savannah and the drive is about 5 hours, so we made the trip at least twice a year.  My parents somehow always managed to get us tickets to a theme park and Harry Potter World is our favorite!!  Of course we've read all the books, seen all the movies, and own (WAY too much) merchandise. 

Here's the scoop on these cone cakes. The cone cake holders are wearing robes (of course!), a Sorting Hat sits on top, hiding one of 4 "house" colors underneath.  The best part is that the kids don't know which house they'll get - it's up to the Sorting Hat!  SO MUCH FUN!

Below are instructions of how I made these. First I baked the cone cakes using regular classic yellow cake mix (recipe to make cone cakes here) and red bases.  The rest of the details are below. I also created this 3-1/2 minute video (see below) to showcase how I made them.  I hope you enjoy!  My daughter Ella was so excited to try one, she didn't even want to wait to get out of her pj's!


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To make these hats, you'll need Bugles, Chocolate melting wafers & Thin Oreos.  I bought light chocolate and dark chocolate wafers because I wanted to try them first to see what flavor I liked better.  I chose the light chocolate.  

You'll need a double boiler or a microwave safe bowl to melt the chocolate.  Personally I think the double boiler works better.  Once melted, dip the Oreos and Bugles in to completely cover, and then tap off the excess and assemble on parchment paper.  I used a wooden skewer to draw a face onto the hats before the chocolate hardened.  


Michael's craft store has a baking section where they sell solid color sprinkles.  I combined the house colors to place inside the cone cakes.  My girls helped me get this right!  Scoop out some cake from the top of the cone cakes and put in sprinkles. Cover with frosting and sorting hat.  

DISCLAIMER: As you'll see in the video, I didn't do this correctly.  The frosting should harden/dry before adding the sorting hat, so that it doesn't pull off the frosting when the kids remove it.  FYI.


I thought this was so fun!  I bought some black fleece from JoAnn Fabrics. There were 2 types of fleece, thick and thin.  I bought both and the thick is easier to work with.  

Using this template, I cut out the robes.  With glue dots, I adhered the robe to the cone cake holders, glued the robe closed and folded down the top of the fleece.  Super cute!

FINISHED!  Assemble the final product and you're done!  If you make these, please send me a photo or video, especially of the kids reacting to the colors (house) they got.  I'd love to see!  You can share via email or Facebook.  

Now that you're done baking, wouldn't it be great if you knew Mrs. Weasley's spell to get her kitchen to clean itself?  Happy baking, muggles!





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