Strawberry Chocolate Cone Cakes

Strawberry Chocolate Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry
We've teamed up with Kari from CraftCreateCook to bring you these amazing Strawberry Chocolate Cone Cakes using our pink and red patent pending Yippee Cone Cake Bases. With a delicious homemade strawberry frosting that uses preserves, this dessert is a delight for all ages. 



Using a favorite chocolate boxed mix for the batter and homemade frosting, this recipe is easy to make, but the results look as if it took hours.


Kari uses fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate to top off the cone cakes. The end result is a perfect treat for your next party, for your Valentine, or for a "berry" special birthday!

Head over to Kari's blog at CraftCreateCook for the complete recipe

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