Super Bowl Cone Cakes

Super Bowl Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

 Super Bowl LII is one week from today and I'm here to give you some yummy inspiration for celebrating!  With the help of my husband (because honestly, I don't know enough about football to do this without his help!) I created a football field scene that you can recreate at your Super Bowl party. 

Eagles sidePatriots side

Fun fact: you can put stickers on our patent pending cone cake bases! (After they finish baking, of course.)  I created the offensive (Eagles) and defensive (Patriots) jersey numbers and team names (attached below), printed and cut them out while watching t.v. last night.  I then attached them to our green and blue bases. Helmets are sold on Amazon and, they just need to be washed before using.  


The chocolate football was purchased at Party City (they sell a variety of chocolate sports balls.) The green field was another DIY job - this was the underside of a paper platter I had on hand, but a green poster board would work well also.  Using a white paint pen and Google, I sketched out the field.

Child holding cone cake

Bake the cone cakes, frost with white icing, and assemble.  What a fun treat for the kids!  

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