Ugly Sweater Cone Cakes

Ugly Sweater Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

The day I finished these Ugly Sweater Cone Cakes, my daughter Ella received an invitation in the mail for an Ugly Sweater party.  We had recently been discussing Ugly Sweater parties and she expressed how she'd love to go to one.  Then Voila!  I couldn't have planned it more perfectly.  We hopped online and found a Fa-la-la-la-Llama sweater from Kohl's and she's SO EXCITED!

These Ugly Sweater Cone Cakes are cracking me up.  I started out with fabric but couldn't figure out how to add arms (I'm no seamstress - Lol) and then decided a printable would be super easy and soooo fun.  

As for decorating the cone cakes themselves, Ella wanted me to make the frosting look like hair.  I tried one and we were giggling like crazy!  They're pretty silly...but perfect for an Ugly Sweater party!

Below are the directions followed by the ingredients I used.

For the sweaters, download the printable, then print on regular white paper and cut them out.  Wrap them around the holders (after baking, not before!) and tape them in the back.  You can leave them as is, or make them even more "ugly" by adding trim around the top or bottom, or both.  I just used some trim I had in the house.  Pipe cleaners should work and small pompoms would be great also! 

Because you need piping tips to make hair, I also decorated several cone cakes using just a butter knife to spread the icing and added sprinkles.  They look wonderfully delicious (photo below.)   


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Here are the ingredients: 

Cake Mix
Food coloring
Cone cake holders
Glue dots & scotch tape

Bake cone cakes using instructions here.

Assemble the sweaters.  A How-To video is below and on my YouTube Channel here.

Decorate cone cakes.  




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