Pistachio Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

If you like the mild nutty flavor of pistachios, you're going to love this easy recipe.  And I mean EASY.  For me, the icing is the most time consuming part of any recipe but here we simply used Cool Whip!  

I love trying new cake recipes in cones, so I reached out on my Facebook page asking for recipes.  A customer, Christine L, hand wrote this recipe on a recipe card (love it!) saying it's one of her absolute favorites.

So my daughter Ella and I put it to the test. The recipe uses pudding mix and I honestly didn't think it'd taste much different than regular cake mix. But they turned out to have a really great pistachio flavor. Ella's reaction surprised me.  She devoured the cone cake and asked for another one saying "that was one of the best cone cakes I've ever had!"  She had a third one later that night, with chopped pistachios on top but was not a fan of the nuts on top...she picked them off :)

Many thanks to Christine for sending the recipe!  If YOU have a cake or cupcake recipe you'd like us to try in a cone, please email me at leilani@yippeeconecakes.com and we'll be happy to!

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