Poke Cakes in a Cone

Leilani Lowry

My mom was not a frequent baker when I was growing up. But she did have her favorites, which she baked according to the season.  Birthdays were cone cakes.  Christmas was chocolate crinkle cookies.  In the summertime, it was either her crunchy brownies or a poke cake.  

If you're not familiar with poke cakes - they're a refreshing take on the classic sheet cake.  It's traditionally a yellow cake "poked" with holes, then jello poured into the holes, and topped with Cool Whip.  I always loved poke cakes and would seek out the most jello-rich slice I could find.

So it's only fitting that I try to make a cone cake using this method!  Zach from the Savannah Morning News is coming to my house today to post a Facebook Live video (see the video here) and I suggested we try this recipe for the first time.  Fingers crossed all goes well!  

The recipe is below, if you'd like to try them yourself.  Enjoy!  

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Print recipe here

Poke cake recipe



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