Strawberry & Cream Cheese Cone Cakes

Leilani Lowry

My girls are picky eaters. My older daughter, Hannah - she's 14 and all the doctors said by the time she's 10 she'll be eating more foods. Nope. She has eaten the same packed lunch since kindergarten. There are less than 10 foods in her diet and most involve bread or dairy. The ONE fruit she'll eat is strawberries.

My younger daughter, Ella, LOVES them and will eat an entire container at once if she thinks I'm not looking. So you can imagine, we have lots of strawberries in our house at all times.

I'm giving a presentation tonight on Yippee! Cone Cake Company and will be bringing cone cakes with me (of course!) As I put strawberries in Hannah's lunch last week, I thought it'd be fun (and yummy) to make strawberry cone cakes for tonight's presentation.

I attempted using a strawberry boxed cake mix with a jar of store-bought cream cheese frosting and, no surprise, I was hugely disappointed. It tasted artificial and too sweet. So I got busy experimenting with recipes to find a better, (semi) homemade strawberry cake recipe that I thought my girls would like. Because, if they like it, everyone should like it.  

This recipe is a winner! It's super delicious and very very strawberry. The icing is creamy and not too sweet. With butter, cream cheese and pureed strawberries in the recipe, everyone will be asking for more. Even my girls.

Click here for the recipe.

Print recipe here.



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