We answer your questions on using our cone cake holders, baking cone cakes, and more.

Can I reuse the holders?

The holders can be reused up to 3 times.  They tend to brown after each use. 

Are the holders safe for the oven?

Yes, our holders are made from bake safe and food safe PET coated paper. 

I’d like to bring my cone cakes to a party.  How should I transport them?  

Place the cone cakes - in the holders - in a Tupperware–type container that has a completely flat bottom, or cake box with cardboard bottom.  It’s important that the cone cakes don’t have any room to slide around. If there’s space around the cone cakes, try using a kitchen towel to fill in the extra space. In the car, place them on the floor, not on a seat.  

Can I purchase other colors?

The colors we currently offer are in the shop.  We will add colors based on customer feedback.  Please email me if there’s a color you’d like to see!  leilani@yippeeconecakes.com

Do you bake and sell cone cakes?

Not yet but I'm working on it! If you're looking for cone cakes for an upcoming event, email me and we'll try to work something out. leilani@yippeeconecakes.com

Do you offer wholesale/bulk pricing?

Yes!  For our holders only, not our kits.  If you are interested in becoming a wholesaler, or are a bakery interested in purchasing our holders to bake cone cakes in your shop, please drop me a line at leilani@yippeeconecakes.com, we'll chat!


Will the cones burn while baking?

No, the cones will not burn in the oven!  Pretty cool, huh?

Can I use my dark baking pan?

Using a dark pan may slightly discolor the bases.  Use a light-colored pan to maintain their color.

My cupcake recipe says to bake at 350 degrees, why do you recommend 325 degrees?

We've tested the recipe extensively and because there is less batter in a cone cake than in a cupcake, it bakes perfectly at a lower temperature.  Also, baking at 350 degrees may darken the bases slightly. 

How many cone cakes will my batter make?

This is a great question!  It depends on the batter and how much batter you use in the cones. Most boxed mixes fill 24-28 cones. 

What can I do with leftover batter?

Make cupcakes!

I followed the baking instructions and the cake overflowed down the side of the cone.  Why?

How frustrating!  You probably put too much batter in the cone.  It’s okay, they’ll still taste great!  Simply turn the cone cake around so the “oops” is on the backside.  Next time, put less batter in the cone.

I followed the baking instructions and the cake didn’t rise enough.  Why?

Some batters rise more than others, but most should rise enough to fill the cone.  If not, double check that the measurements were correct while mixing the batter and try again next time, adding slightly more batter to the cone.

After baking and frosting, the cones are too soft.  Help!

A cone’s worst enemy is humidity.  It’s very important that the cone cakes cool on a cooling rack to allow for heat to escape from under the holders.  Fully cool on the cooling rack – up to an hour.  Also, we recommend you avoid “Super Moist” cake recipes.  These usually make the cones too soft. Lastly, store in an open container.

What’s the best way to pour the batter into the cones?

We recommend either using a small ladle, ice cream scoop or filling a pastry bag and clipping a small hole from the tip. 

What is the best way to store the cone cakes?

To keep the cones from getting soft, you need to prevent humidity build-up.  Store the cone cakes in a Tupperware-type container, uncovered.  

What cupcake batter do you recommend?

Everyone's tastes are different of course, but we've made a variety of flavors over the years and the most popular by far is Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake Mix topped with Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting.  

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