Welcome to Yippee!  

I'm Leilani Lowry, the creator of Yippee! Cone Cake Co. My mom began making cone cakes when she was a girl, using the recipe in her cookbook, Betty Crocker's Cook Book for Boys and Girls. When she had children of her own, my two brothers and I, it became our birthday tradition to make a batch of cone cakes for our special day.

I now have two teenage daughters and guess what? They're obsessed with cone cakes. I have made them for just about every event we've attended over the years: birthdays, school events, sporting events, holidays, and just regular ole' why-not? days. My oldest often takes them to school for her friends and they all love them. So yeah, I've basically got cone cakes coming out of my ears at times.

While delicious to eat, baking cone cakes can be frustrating. They tip over - a lot. They're top heavy. I began experimenting with ways to keep them upright, and eventually came up with our cone cake holders. They're awesome. They keep cone cakes upright from beginning to end - baking, cooling, frosting, storing and transporting. We even have a patent pending on our holders. I'm super excited to share these with you! I hope you love them as much as we do.

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Happy baking!

Leilani Lowry